Sunday, 21 August 2011

Nailene Ultra Tabs Adhesive £2.49

False nails can be really great fun, especially if you can’t grow your nails or break one while the rest are perfect. I stopped wearing them a while ago as I found although they looked great, after they had come off I was left with gunky nails with glue stuck all over them and in desperate need of some tlc. I was really interested in trying new nailene ultra tabs as they claimed to answer this problem.

They were so simple and easy to use, much easier than glue in my opinion and there was no risk of glue being squeezed out the side and making the nails look messy. The nails were kept in place for 5 days and it was so easy to take them off. The adhesive tabs just peel off afterwards leaving my nails looking clean. Another great thing was that I was able to re-use the false nails, something I have never been able to do before with glue. 


  1. These sound perfect for me, but whenever I've tried them before they peel off really easily, even glue ones only last a day! Are they really stronger than that? :(

  2. Hi Kate, trying making sure there isn't any left over moisturiser on your fingers by giving them a wipe with nail varnish remover before you apply them. If you 'buff' your nails regularly there also might not be grip on them. They should last longer than a day, mine did. x