Friday, 6 May 2011

Model Mirror by Les Tai Tai from £15

Have you ever been somewhere and tried to look in your dusty old compacts mirror to touch up your make up or to check your teeth are free from food debris only to be confronted with a dark hazy outline of what you look like?  Have you been in the bathroom of some bar or restaurant and tried to get a glimpse of how your makeup is holding on, only to squint back at yourself in low light or light that makes you look rather ill? Well I have, quite a lot. 

I am always doing my make up on the go, in the car (obviously only when I am a passenger!) on the bus, on the train, once on a plane.  Or trying to reapply eyeliner or lip-gloss in terrible light so that I am not really sure of the outcome. Or that terrible light that you get in places that makes everyone look bad, I don’t know why they do it, surely they want their patrons to feel good about themselves? Once I even left the house with a big orange conclear mark down my face as I hadn’t had enough light to see that it wasn’t blended properly. Luckily I have some of the good type of friends (you know the ones who will tell you that your flies are undone and your hair is a mess rather than let people laugh at you) so disaster was adverted. 

Anyway the answer to all these beauty dilemmas comes in a stylish and compact mirror with Hollywood dressing table lights, the model mirror by Les Tai Tai. The lights shine down on your face giving you the best lighting possible for applying your make up and from all the beautiful designs you will be sure to find one you want to carry around in your bag. I for one love the fact that I don’t desperately have to search for a mirror and decent light source if I need a mid day re-spray. The mirror is the best size to get all of my face in, not like trying to do your lippy in the back of a spoon. 

I found another great use for it as well which is for plucking my eyebrows. I have spoken before about my battle with my eyebrows and now that I have found some harmony I like to keep them as neat as possible with a pluck every couple of days. This causes a problem because normally I like to pluck my eyebrows after my evening bath so that the pores open and it’s not so painful. The problem is that by the time I have got out the bath its dark and so finding the hairs to pluck is impossible. Now with my Model Mirror I have the perfect lightening to keep my brows beautiful no matter the time. A genius little product that once you use it for the first time you won’t know how you coped without it. 

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