Sunday, 14 November 2010

Mystikol by Jane Iredale £17.50

I got woken up at 7.30 on Saturday morning by the postman. Normally I would be annoyed about having my weekend lie in cut short but luckily he knocked bearing gifts. Mystikol is a new type of powder eyeliner that is dual ended. One end contains a dark powder with a sponge applicator and the other end a pearlescent highlighter with sponge applicator.

Application really is effortless which is great for me as I have been trying loads of false eyelashes this week and my eyes are a little irritated. It contains botanicals and is hypoallergenic making suitable for the most sensitive of eyes.  I was out all day and evening so popped it into my bag so I could apply more for the evening. It lasted all day and when the evening came it was really easy to build up the colour for sexy smoky eyes. I may very well have to invest in all the five shades as its the easiest way to get long lasting sexy eyes.

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  1. did they give you them as a gift??
    how did you do? :)
    I want them too...I'm in italy...