Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Halo Wipes

My handbag is a graveyard of scrunched up old tissues and every time I need one I pull one out of the creases in my bag, carefully peel off an old sweet and debate about whether I can actually use it without getting some disease. Thankful I have discovered Halo wipes and a range that caters for all of my needs. The range includes hygienic handy wipes, perfect now the cold and flu season is upon us and you never know where the next sneeze is lurking. Deodorant wipes, even though the sun is hiding itself in shame over the rubbish summer we still sweat and need to keep our pits fresh. Eye make-up remover wipes, toilet/surface wipes and moist toilet tissue, all pretty self explanatory! There are two great things about these wipes, firstly they come in handy little packs making them perfect to carry around in your bag all the time. Secondly the price at 99p per pack (make up remover pads £1.99) they are perfect additions to any handbag. I have two sets, one in my bag and one in my car as you never know whats around the corner. Once I yoghurt all over myself in the car and had to wipe it off with a map, not cool.

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