Friday, 5 November 2010

Payot Paris - Les Revitalisantes Masque Reveil Eclat £31

My French is extremely basic, well to be truthful its entirely poor. When I went on holiday a few years ago to the South of France I somehow started talking Spanish even though I know absolutely no Spanish. Still I managed to get by and have a lovely holiday, anyway I digress.

Les Revitalisantes is a range of body care for skin exposed to constant stress and I definitely know a thing or two about constant stress! In just 10 minutes this face mask relaxes and smooths your skin and gives your face a radiant glow. It contains cocoa and orange extracts which makes it smell simply divine. It heats up slightly on application so is just perfect for these horrible winter nights. I used mine whilst relaxing in the bath and not only did my face feel relaxed so did my skin. Treat yourself this month in preparation for all stress of the next couple of months or put it on your Christmas wish list.

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