Sunday, 28 November 2010

Essential Care Organic Coconut Candy Scrub - £15

As I made everyone aware I wasn't feeling very well this week so have neglected my readers slightly so for that I am sorry. To make it up to everyone I am going to a whole week of brilliant gift ideas and handy tips for looking your most beautiful.

I find that after being unwell and staying in bed for a few days nothing makes me feel better than a long soak in a hot bath followed but a good body scrub. It makes me feel like a snake shredding my skin and starting anew, plus it helps to give back that radiant glow to skin. Lucky for me I had the most delectable to body scrub to get me feeling 100% whilst also leaving my skin super soft.

Essential care's coconut candy scrub is 100% organic, made with fair trade cane sugar and virgin coconut. It smells simply divine, like a luxurious dessert and when I was told you good eat it well I had to have a little taste. If it hadn't been so amazing on my skin I would have had it with ice cream, its quite yummy.

About from tasting rather nice it gives a great deep clean on your skin, I like body scrubs that have a good consistency and grainy texture and this is exactly what I look for in a scrub. Gritty enough to exfoliate well but gently enough to not ravage your skin. It also leaves you feeling moisturised and I found I didn't need to apply a separate moisturiser after I got out of the bath.

Buy this scrub for practically anyone and they will love it but be careful if you even have the faintest of smells you will be keeping it for yourself!

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