Monday, 18 October 2010


Linziclip is an innovate product that allows a multiple of styles effortlessly, quickly and stylishly. I had got into the habit of messily pulling my hair into a ponytail with a hair band when I couldn’t be bothered to style it, which quite frankly is most days. Apart from being boring it also tends to make my hair knotty and my cat has an obsession with hair bands and hides them under the sofa. As he is considerably smaller than me it is a real effort to get to them so he has quite the collection now. Being introduced to the Linziclip was great as you can create as many styles as your imagination can fathom and there is a huge range of gorgeous designs and colours. They come in three sizes, are simple to use and don’t dig into your head when you lean back like most clips. Cheap to buy but in no way cheap looking, head to the website Linziclip to get some ideas on how they can be used to create a look that’s as individual are you are.

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