Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I have a problem with high heels or should that be they have a problem with me? Never the less I just can't wear them, being 5'10 I look ridiculous. I do love them though so for years I have been forced to covet them from afar and relegate me feet to boring deck shoes and the occasional pump. Imagine my happiness then when I hear about Slinks and their revolutionary footwear.
They arrived in an adorable silk bag wrapped up with delicate care and they feel like a gift fit for a princess. I was expecting them to be as sturdy as they were and being able to change the design is just such a suburb idea. 
More than just a pair of flip flops they are decorative enough to be the icing on any outfit. So go on love your feet and dress them up spectacularly for all to see. 

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