Monday, 22 July 2013

Sure Maximum Protection £5.30

The last two weeks have been quite a journey for me and my other half and saying I needed maximum protection would be an understatement. It all started a few months ago when we decided to move from Leeds to the South East. We have been in Leeds for nine years and leaving it behind was a really tough decision so before we even moved I was nervous about what was in store for us. Fast forward a few months and in some of the hottest days of July it was time to pack up and clean our house, not an easy feat and one that resulted in several bruises and swear words. Getting all the stuff we had collected over the years into the back of a van was another exercise in patience and furniture Jenga. So waving goodbye to the place we had called home for the past years we started the near 300 mile trip to our new home, me in our little car and my other half in a huge rented van.

We stopped halfway down the M1 to meet for a spot of well needed restorative fast food and noticed that we were getting a few odd looks in our direction. Hugging my other half I realised what people were noticing, or should I say smelling. I hadn't let him shower since the day before as I had meticulously cleaned the bathroom (knowing how landlords love to take money off deposits for the smallest of things) and he did not smell good at all. I went to the toilets to do that thing we all do but none of us are proud of and smelt my t-shirt to see if I smelled at all and found myself surprised as I smelt, well nothing. I was wearing a grey t-shirt - normally a bad mistake as it shows up even the tiniest grain of sweat, but no embarrassing pit stains to be seen.

So why the huge difference between myself and my partner? Well yes he may have lifted a few more heavy boxes than I did, but we both burned off about the same amount of calories as I reckon you would do in an iron man. I however had been using Sure Maximum Protection Everyday Fresh day and night for the past few days in preparation. It claims to give you twice the normal protection against sweat than other antiperspirants, whether that's heat or stress and believe me I had been experiencing both in the extreme.

Of course once we had finished our journey that was only half the battle as we still had to move everything out of the van and into our new home, again on another really hot day. Thankfully we had some family members come and help us and unlike my Mr I didn't have to apologise for the smell when giving them a hug or not lift my arms beyond my waist in case I had sweat marks. After a shower and quick trip to a chemist to get the Mr the male version of Maximum Protect life is beginning to return to normality with both of us sweat free and sweet smelling. 

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