Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Beyond Organic Rescue Salve £24.50

Recently my skin has flared up so I have made the decision to move over to totally organic and natural products so there are some big changes on my blog and my beauty routine. I needed to get the redness and soreness on my face under control and looked to beyond organic and the healing properties of calendula and camomile in their rescue salve.

It's certainly an apt name as my skin has been in need of some serious tender loving care. I suppose I only have myself to blame as over the last few years I have been writing this blog I must have tried 100's of different products on my face and finally my skin has had enough.

The rescue salve has won a host of awards and it is easy to see why. It may be only a small pot but it packs a powerful punch thanks to its host of lovely natural ingredients including sea buckthorn oil, nettle and chickweed. It can be used on burns, eczema, spots, dermatitis, itches and bites so a real multi-tasker. As it's at the higher price point it's great that it has so many uses, something to put in your makeup bag for holidays and festivals.

After a week of use the redness on my skin is dying down and the dryness almost completely gone. You only need to use a small amount so it looks like it will last a long time. My poor mum suffers really bad from psoriasis so next time I go and visit her I am going to take it to her to see if it provides any relief. She has had psoriasis all her life over most of her body and finding anything to treat it has proved quite tricky, I think I may have found a product that is going to really help, I will report back once I have seen her and she has tried it out.

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