Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Heat Wave Heroes

It's been a long time coming but finally summer has arrived with an almighty burst of heat. As soon as those golden rays hit the country there was only one thing to do, find the nearest patch of open space and get some UVA - not too much mind. It may have cooled down slightly but we still have the whole of August to go and where there is some sun there is bound to be more (well that's what I am telling myself anyhow). To keep yourself cool and beautiful in the heat, whether you are staying in the UK or off on holiday, I have a few heat wave heroes to keep you cool and looking your best.

One of the downsides of the heat is that unfortunately you sweat more and lets face it, no-one likes to look sweaty. Handily Sure have released their best ever protect in a compressed can (£2.19) now only 75ml but with the same lasting power as the bigger can so it's small enough to fit in to the smallest of  handbags but powerful enough to take on any heatwave the sun can throw at you. It's even the right size to pop into your hand luggage if you are lucky enough to be off on holiday.  Providing 48 hour protect and motion sense system that is trigger by movement, if you move about quite a bit then the more it works but if you are mostly stationary, just dozing in the sun, then it will still keep you fresh and dry. With a range of different scents it really should be mandatory for everyone traveling on the tube. Now all you have to worry about is not getting sunburn.

In the sunshine nothing beats a cooling ice-lolly but realistically you can only manage one or two in a day, so how do you get that burst of coolness without the calories? Vichy Eau Thermale (£7). Pop this can of thermal water, rich with 15 mineral salts to help soothe sensitive skin (great if you have had too much sun) into the fridge overnight and whenever the mood takes you spray a little on your face for a burst of coolness. If you have a long car journey and no air-conditioning this will be a lifesaver in keeping you cool while Sure keeps you fresh.

In the hot weather I find that my eye-makeup is much more likely to run and after a few hours I end up with black smudges under my eyes no matter which mascara I use. My eyes get irritated but suncream and start to tears up, making my mascara run. I would love to be able to forgo the makeup completely but I have my fathers eyes (small and with bad vision) so I don't feel right without a few coats of the black stuff. Now when I go out I take a couple of Swab Plus Eye Makeup Remover and Corrector buds (£3.99) in my bag for touch up emergencies. These liquid filled cotton buds contain aloe vera and vitamin E to quickly remove any smudges or mistakes.

Finally after a day in the sun your skin is going to need an extra moisture boost and what better way than to turn to a well loved favorite, Vaseline Essential Moisture Rich Body Butter with pure cocoa butter (£4.69). Full of conditioning moisturisers to leave even the driest skin healthy and glowing and the heavenly sweet smell of cocoa butter, its an absolute joy to use. It melts into the skin so you don't need to rub very hard to make it soak in, great if your skin is a little red and sore, and will leave your skin looking and feeling great. If like me you still haven't worked out your skins tolerance to the sun and have caught a little too much sun pop this in the fridge for an hour or so to cool down and it will feel like your hot skin is being kissed by angels.

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