Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sheida Kohl Powder £9.95

My first makeup purchase was a black kohl eyeliner and ever since then it has been one of my makeup staples. Until now I had never tried kohl in a powder form so when I heard about Sheida Kohl I just had to try it. I have quite sensitive eyes, things like glitter tend to irritate them, which causes my eyes to water. I also wear contacts and as kohl is a completely natural product its safe to use. The benefits to using kohl powder instead of a regular eyeliner or liquid liner is that it is so versatile and can be used just like the other products. You can build up the powder for a hint of colour, using it as an eye-shadow. Build the colour up and blend it just as you would a normal eye-shadow and even mix the colours together to create your perfect shade.

To get the Egyptian inspired cats flick use the applicator and steadily drag it over your eyelids, blending the powder into your eyelashes. For a thicker, more dramatic line damped a liner brush to create a liquid liner effect. The possibilities really are endless with these powders, which are long lasting but gentle enough so that they are easy to take off. 

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