Sunday, 18 November 2012

James Brown London Hair Revive Dry Shampoo £7.19

In recent years dry shampoo has become a permanent fixture in most peoples fight against flat hair. My hair is really fine so the day after washing it I find I have to give the roots a lift. James Brown London dry shampoo from his signature collection is swiftly becoming one of my favorites. First up the packaging is sleek and looks professional, and the scent is lovely and suitable for men and women. My fiance keeps borrowing my dry shampoo and got slightly annoyed when I got a really floral smelling one and waited until after he had sprayed it all over his head to tell him. It contains rice starch to absorb oil so there really is no excuse for greasy, flat roots. Unlike some dry shampoo's it doesn't leave a white powdery residue on your hair that can make it dull so you hair keeps it's shine. It's saved me vital time in the morning getting ready which means more minutes in bed on these cold mornings. Simply spray at the roots, leave for a few minutes and then brush out for revived hair that looks like it was washed that day. I keep a travel sized one in my handbag for those days when I go straight out from the office, which is a must when rain is constantly flattening my hair at this time of year.This is an essential in any girls (or boys) bag at the moment to make sure you are party ready at any given time.

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