Friday, 9 November 2012

Charles Worthington Secrets Collection

Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer £14.99: At first I was a little suspicious of using a product that you leave in overnight. What worried me was leaving a load of residue on my pillowcases and having to spend lads of time rinsing the product out in the morning. Luckily both my fears were unwarranted. I can honestly say that I have never used a product like it, it has an almost gel like quality that's smooth rather than sticky. It soaks into your hair instantly and doesn't feel wet at all so leaves absolutely no residue on the pillow.  It has a soft scent to it as well that isn't overpowering but gives your hair a fruity scent. In the morning my hair felt thicker and as soon as I had rinsed the product out of my hair my hair felt super smooth. After using it twice a week for two weeks I am really happy with the improvement of the condition of my hair. My hair feels softer, stronger and healthier. I think my hair has pretty much fully recovered from my bleaching fiasco thanks to this. I will certainly be using this product regulary now to keep it my hair at it's best condition. 

Diamond Shine Gloss Treatment £12.99: One thing I noticed after going from brunette to blond was that it was much harder to get my hair to really shine when it is blond. You leave it on for 10 minutes on dry hair before you shampoo and condition. It took a couple of applications before I saw a real improvement in the shine of my hair but when I did I was really happy with the results. By the end of the first week my hair looked like I had had a professional treatment, my sister even asked if I had gone to the hairdresser.

The only negative I found, and it really was a niggle rather than an issue, was that there wasn't a recommendation for how much product you should use in each case. For both I ended up using the same as I would do for shampoo and that seems to work well for me. Other than that the packaging is really great, looks like a luxury product with a high street price tag

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