Saturday, 13 April 2013

He-Shi Luxury Gift Set £25.50 (worth £49.50)

Like everybody else I am yearning for some sunshine and the chance to wear my summer dresses. Before that happens though some serious attention needs to be paid to my skin, which is presently so pale its nearly translucent. Step forward He-Shi with a luxury gift set containing all I need to get gorgeous glowing skin.

The key to getting an even, long lasting tan is exfoliating and so the gift set includes a full size He-Shi exfoliating body wash with micro-dermabrasion crystals. Its a really thick scrub with a really generous distribution of crystals so it gets every last bit of dead skin and grime off your skin. An added bonus to get you in the summer mood is that it smells like fresh strawberries.

So with my skin clean and smooth its time to start step two and apply the express liquid tan. After all my years trying different fake tans I am now at the point where I favour liquid tans as I find they dry in just the right time. The He-Shi express liquid tan is testimony to that, you can buff the product on leaving an even distribution but it dries quickly enough so that you can get dressed 2 minutes afterwards. The tan lasts for just over a week and you can build up the colour with more applications (but I would suggest limiting it to two) for a sunny glow.

He-Shi tans now contain Youth Revive Opti Tan formulas that contains a moisture lock technology. Vitamin A & E, Aloe Vera and Pro-Vitamin B5 moisturise the skin, which helps the skin to look youthful and extends the wearing time of the tan and stops it flaking off in unattractive patches.

For best results use a tan mitt, He-Shi have one for £4.50, which is ultra smooth and helps to get the tan lovely and even.

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