Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Elemis Aching Muscle Soak £32.70

Although it makes me sound like an old lady, I do have problems with a few of my joints, they are quite loose and tend to dislocate very often. Anyone that has ever had a dislocated shoulder or hip it’s not a nice experience and can tend to be quite painful. One of my favourite things in the world when my joints are painful is slipping into a super hot bubble bath with a good book. I am always suspicious of products that claim to ease sore muscles as more often than not they don’t. It does smell slightly of Germaline but I like the smell as it reminds me of being at my Grandmother’s house, she used to smear it on any cuts when I inevitably fell over trying to run faster than my legs would allow. Bubbles aplenty came from three capfuls which is always a good start. I relaxed in the hot water, thinking about childhood memories and not about my aching bones, which is a start. The muscle soak wasn’t a complete reprieve from painful joints but it was certainly a lovely relaxing experience and one I will be recreating again.

Another bath foam I have been using recently is Sainsbury’s Blue Bath Soak 61p and I only picked it up because it was cheap. I love it though because it smells of cool water by Dafadoff which is my favourite man smell in the world. 

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