Sunday, 27 October 2013

label.m Brunette Resurrection Style Dust £12.25

They call it a miracle powder and label.m resurrection style dust really is just that. My hair has the brilliant quality of being super voluminous in the mid length and ends while at the same time being completely flat on the top. It seems that no matter what I do to it at the start of the evening by the end of the night I've had to tie it up it stop it looking ridiculous.

This powder gives so much lift I was almost in danger of looking like Cheryl Cole when she went on American X-Factor. A little sprinkling at the roots, boosts hair so that you get ultimate volume whilst still being able to control the style. I'm not a massive fan of backcombing so this makes a really great alternative that won't damage your hair. At first it does make your roots feel a little dry but it doesn't affect the look of your hair at all. It contains iridescent particles that give a lovely shine to your hair so your hair looks fleshly clean even if it's greasy. The dust lasts all day so if you are going straight out after work all you need to do is massage your roots and your hair instanly adds volume. 

You do have to be careful not to get it one your clothes as if your wearing a white top it will stain. It's best to sprinkle on the power then before you get dressed. 

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