Saturday, 11 May 2013

Designer Fragrances from Impulse

Back in my early teens when I went shopping I always went to Boots to try out as many different Impulse scents as possible before picking one. A creature of habit, I nearly always settled on the same one, but the brand was a staple amongst my friends. 

Over the years I have graduated to perfumes but when I found out about the recent reformulated range I felt a fondness in my heart and wanted to try out the latest range of designer fragrances. Impulse recruited the help of Dior and Calvin Klein (among others) to create a new range containing real perfume oils.

Out of the ones I tried Sweet Smile has been my favorite and perfect for the summer, if it ever arrives. With scents of pear, mandarin and jasmine it is really light and fresh, perfect for the days at the beach or lunches out. The limited edition Secret Smile is also another winner, with raspberry and gardenia it strikes a balance of floral sweetness perfect for country walks or picnics.

For the evenings Romantic Spark hits notes of white wood and violet, which is not how I would expect it to smell. I've tried violet soap before and although I hate to admit it it's a smell I associate with grannies, I mean I love grannies but I don't want to smell like one just yet. However Romantic Spark smells enticing and warming, like curling up in front of a fire with a glass of red wine.  

Finally very pink, with roses and grapefruit, is the one that is staying in my sports back as it's up lifting and fresh giving me an energy boost and counterbalances the smelly men in the gym.

Now I have been using the body sprays for a few weeks I'm not really sure how I manged without them. The smell stands up to any perfume, as does the wearability. It's the price though that makes it such a such a great daily product, currently on offer for 99p you can have one in your bag, one at work, one in the car. I've broken two bottles of perfume and ruined two bags by carrying the former in the latter, so not having to carry one around has been lovely.

Up until a few weeks ago I would have said my days of wearing Impulse were over, now I think they have only just begun.  

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