Friday, 4 January 2013

OPI 3 Piece Kardashian Collection QVC Price: £19.75

One of my New Years resolutions was to look after my nails a bit more and to never leave the house with chipped nail varnish again. I know it's not even a week into 2013 but already so far my nails are in pristine condition. Of course this could be more to do with the lacquer I have been using then anything I have done. Just before Christmas I got sent some gorgeous colours that I have been testing out. You only need one coat and like all OPI lacquers they are long lasting and chip resistant. You can change your colour everyday if you wish but you can easily get a weeks wear out of one application if you look after your nails.

The three colours are great mix, I like to wear the pink 'all Kendalled-up' during the day as it's a soft and girly colour. The dark green (Khole had a little lamb) is a great alternative to black for rock-chic evenings. My favorite has to be the 'rainbow in the S-kylie' a clear varnish filled with multicoloured glitter pieces that sparkle when the light hits your nails. It's fabulous to wear on it's own but can also  be used as a top coat for the other colours for a magical sparkle. 

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