Friday, 25 January 2013

Frontcover Cosmetics

We all know January is one of the most miserable times of the year. It's cold, money is tight after Christmas and going anywhere is made that much more demanding because of the snow. I don't know about you but I need some serious cheering up and what better way to do it than to buy some new makeup. 

Frontcover Cosmetics have come to the rescue with their incredible sale. Frontcover has always been friendly to those on a budget but their sale  is really giving us girls a treat. One of the products I would recommend is the Shadowline (reduced from £8 to £4!!!!) this little product really makes a big impact by turning any eye shadow into a liquid liner. You can drag the wand over an eyeshadow to create a subtle line or for a more dramatic look mix the eyeshadow into a paste with the wand and create lines in any colour you want. The more pigment in the eyeshadow the stronger the effect so you might want to play around with different eyeshadows until you get the look you like. I used the depth eyeshadow (£3.20) with the shadowline to sweep a small line of colour around my eyes, which worked really well to bring out the green tones. I have yet to find an eyeliner with green hints so it's perfect for customising your look. You never need to have to get the eyeliner that's most like the one you want you can get the exact one you want by using the shadowline with an eyeshadow of your choice.

Even without the sale the products are great value so with the sale it's practically stealing. Other great finds in the sale are eyeshadows for £3.20, lipsticks for £2 and nail art at £3.25

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