Sunday, 6 May 2012


Radox has a be selfish philosophy section up on their website and I totally empathise with them. They realise that most of the time we look out for other people and the only way we can do that properly is if sometimes we look after ourselves. Whether its children that you are running after, a partner, relative, friend or co-worker, we spend much of the day making sure the people around us are cared for. Every so often though we have to stop and make sure we are being cared for.  My all time favourite thing to relax, recharge and reflect is in a hot bubble bath.

Brazilian Fusion (£1.89) is a limited edition bath therapy from Radox that combines dragon fruit with camu camu berries. Now I am not really sure what either of those things is meant to smell like but I can tell you that a soft and subtle sweet floral scent that conjures up images of summertime. It smells clean and fresh, not in the same way that spring scents smell with their hints of grass, no its much more exotic than that. As with all Radox bath products it produces a tumbling waterfall of long lasting bubbles. 

At the risk of sounding like an old lady I do have problems with my joints that cause them to become quite painful over the course of the day. If I have had a particularly busy day then as soon as I get the chance I will run myself a hot bath and hide away in the bathroom until the aches and pains have subsided. Muscle therapy from Radox contains black pepper and ginseng, the black pepper helps to warm my skin while the ginseng is a known muscle relaxant. Radox baths really are like no other, the bubbles are plentiful, the products deliver & the prices are great. The only negative I have is that I would like to see bigger bottles. For someone that loves a bath like I do the bottle size is a little on the small side. If there was a bumper size bottle, I for one would be buying it. 

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