Tuesday, 6 March 2012

St. Ives

St. Ives has had a bit of a makeover recently but still at the heart of their range is quality products made with 100% natural quality ingredients. Regularly exfoliating keeps the skin radiant and youthful looking and I find that I feel happier with my body if my skin is in good condition.  

I choose to test the warming apricot scrub (£5.10 at Superdrug) and its made my mornings more enjoyable as well as making a difference to my skin. I find it hard getting out of bed on a good day but when the weather is as cold as it is at the moment the thought of leaving a warm bed isn't a nice one. Knowing that I have a warming face scrub eases that horrible feeling immensely. The scrub has just the right amount of grittiness but is still gentle enough to use daily and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. There is no point spending ages on putting on makeup if you don't have the base right and daily scrub keeps my skin in perfect condition.  

The apricot body scrub (£4.97 at Asda) is fabulous for a weekly treatment and I always feel renewed after a good exfoliation. It makes my skin softer and look more even, it also makes me feel better about problem areas such as my thighs as the exfoliation and massage helps to boost circulation.  

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