Friday, 18 November 2011

Models Own £5

Models Own have the most amazing arrange of nail colours and I really love how their website is set out. It may only seem like a little thing but I have been put off buying something online before because the website was too disorganised and difficult to navigate. It took me so long to decide on which colours to go for but after much careful deliberation the first one I picked was Juicy Jules.  

A clear varnish packed full of rainbow glitter the possibilities are never ending. As a polish on its own it works great to just give your nails a bit of sparkle. I don't really like varnish on my finger nails because my nails grow so fast I think they look a little fake when I apply varnish on them, especially a dark colour. Juicy Jules is perfect though as it gives them an eye-catching effect that is suitable for daytime and nighttime. the fun doesn't stop there though as you can use it over any colour to instantly it give some fun factor or get as creative as your imagination allows and use the glitter to add streaks, dots and glittery tips to your nails. 

The other colour I went for was Peacock Green. I was a little unsure about it as I recently tried a dark green colour on my toenails and someone said my feet looked cold but the colour was calling to me. I was so happy when it arrived as I had been right to take a gamble.  Its a mixture of blue and green shimmering tones which after two coats looks fabulous and luxurious. 

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