Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Dragon's Egg £2.99

To kick off my seven ballistics for seven baths I am starting with the wonderful Dragon's Egg. If anybody is wondering why I have chosen seven ballistics for seven baths, well its in honour of my grandmothers 90th birthday. My nan has always been a great inspiration to me and when I was a child I used to go to her house and watch old musicals on VHS. My favourite was seven brides for seven brothers and it is this that has prompted me to explore some of Lush's famous bath ballistics. Not only that but my nan has the same sort of fizz that you get when you drop one of these beauties into the bath!

Anyway, its been one of those days that everybody gets from time to time. I was late as I couldn't find my shoes, every traffic light was against me and my hair decided that sticking up was the only style for me this morning. Work just seemed to pile up on me, my boss was in a mega grump, its cold outside, there was a huge queue at the shop ........ well you get the idea. I ran a nice hot bath, dropped in a dragon's egg and a childlike smile crept across my face. Lemon scent filled the bathroom and swirls of orange danced in my bath.

I mean who wouldn't be cheered up with a bath full of glitter? Dragon's egg is truly a ballistic for those in need of a smile, the bergamot oil is a natural anti-depressant, making it perfect for those days when we need a little uplift.


  1. I adore Seven Brides for Seven Brothers which really makes me want to try that Lush bath bomb. This made me smile.