Friday, 14 June 2013

Dr Bronner Magic Soap

Dr. Bronner's Organic Fair Trade Personal Care

There are so many good things about Dr Bronner's Magic Soaps it is difficult to know where to start. Completely fair trade, not animal tested, organic, ecological formulas, over 150 years of soap excellence, latest celebrity must have, biodegradable (and if you have ever suffered the sight of having to watch your father in law clear out the drains because of soap build up you will really appreciate that part) and the list goes on. I'm going to be looking at some of the 18 plus uses the magic soap has. Made with pure castile soap and organic oils such as coconut, hemp oil and olive oil it really is a wonder product.

I've been suffering with a rather nasty rash on my face so have been advised to only use natural and organic products on my face for a while and for the past few weeks have swapped all my other lotions and potions for the almond liquid soap. One drop on a flannel is all it takes and my face feels just as clean as if I had used a cleanser and without a hint of dryness that you would get from regular soap. Now almond isn't the scent I would usually go for but I have to say I have grown to love it. To wash myself from head to toe only takes a few drops rubbed between hands, which means the lasting power is unbelievable. After a two weeks of using it everyday you couldn't tell that any had been used looking at the bottle. I have even been using it as a bath foam and it's hardly made a dent.

Another use is as a shampoo, which gets hair super clean but I did need to use a conditioner afterwards and diluted the soap down to around one part soap two parts water. I was worried it was going to leave my hair bone dry but was much milder than anticipated and stopped my hair from getting greasy quickly, which can happen with other products. My hair also smelt of almond afterwards and as the soap is available in an array of scents (citrus, lavender, rose, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea-tree and baby mild) you can pick a scent to suit your mood. You can use the liquid soap just as you would any another body wash so I used instead of shaving cream to shave my legs. It works just as well so that is even more space I can save on the bathroom shelf. My partner is forever having a go at me about the collection of bottles in there and now I can actually make room for some of his!

I am moving in a few weeks, which means one thing I am doing a lot of is cleaning. Oh the joys of rented accommodation. You can literally get a whole army of different cleaning products or you can rely on one, yes you guessed it, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap. I went for the citrus liquid soap as I wanted the place to smell fresh and it achieved great results for all the jobs I set for it. As a toilet cleaner it did exactly the same job as bleach and had a better scent afterwards. Cleaning surfaces and even leather soaps proved no problem and only took a few drops diluted into a bucket of warm water. It cleaned the bath and even windows, the only other product I needed was a cream cleaner to get really touch marks off the walls and doors. I also used it as a washing up liquid and it had exactly the same effect as using a regular washing up liquid.

One suggested use I didn't particularly get on with was using it as a deodorant as I found it a little sticky so might play around with how much to dilute the product for this purpose. It does say it is safe to wash pets in but I didn't give that a go as my cat is a sensitive little soul as she is a dwarf cat and needs special care. Also it should be noted that cats are extremely allergic to tea-tree and can even die if they ingest it so I definitely wouldn't recommend using that scent on your cat.

I used the citrus as a toothpaste and mouthwash but can imagine the peppermint would be a good scent to use instead. It took a bit of getting used to but overall the outcome is the same, running my tongue along my teeth they felt clean and my breath was just as fresh. There has been contradicting reports about how safe fluoride is and as it is found in most toothpastes this is a great alternative.

I have yet to use it instead of washing powder in the washing machine but have used it to hand wash clothes as my partner has got a lovely habit at the moment of buying hand wash jumpers. Either scent works well but he prefers the citrus as he says it's a bit more manly, I'm not sure of his logic but I let him have this one.

So as well as saving money on buying a multitude of products and saving space keeping them somewhere the liquid soaps also come in a host of sizes. This is perfect as you can keep one in your bag for emergency hand washing (every time I get off a tube) the smallest is 59ml but if you are going to use it for all the suggested purposes you can get it in a massive gallon bottle, which I am pretty sure will last forever, well maybe not forever but I don't think you would be buying soap, washing up liquid, cleaning products etc for a very long time.

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