Saturday, 21 May 2011

Fake Bake Gold £30.75

Another fake tan for you and from the lovely people at fake bake who have been making fake tan for well, I don’t really know how long but surely quite a while. I tried the original formula last summer and even though I did like it I was hoping for a bit more. The Fake Bake Gold lotion rectified all the little things I had found wrong with the original lotion.  When you put it on it looks like you are almost smearing yourself in sumptuous melted chocolate, I almost wanted to lick it. It doesn’t smell nasty and chemically and is very easy to rub in. It doesn’t matter if straight afterwards you look uneven and streaky because after you have left it on for a few hours and rinsed it off you are left with a really deep but still natural looking tan. It took over a week to fade completely and when it did it was even so I didn’t look like I had some skin disease. I will certainly be using fake bake gold again. 

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